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Angra Mainyu
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Best lifting video of all time : deadlifts

nothin but
…we have not spent the last 65 million or so years finely honing our physiology to watch Oprah. Like it or not, we are the product of a very long process of adaptation to a harsh physical existence, and the past couple centuries of comparative ease and plenty are not enough time to change our genome. We humans are at our best when our existence mirrors, or at least simulates, the one we are still genetically adapted to live. And that is the purpose of exercise. - Mark Rippetoe
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that 1015 is amazing. hell they all are. =0)
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Very impressive!! WOW!!
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he made 1015 look stupid easy
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Hawthorne is sick. Such a great vid. Benny's pull is epic, not only because it's 1015, but because it's grip n' rip.
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I can't quit watching this.
Goal: 500 dead lift 405 squat
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deadlifts, lifting, time, video

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