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Ex is the man!

I just completed my first 3 months with EX. I cant say enough about him.

My lifts have all climbed steadily I added 40 lbs to my bench and alot to my squat and dead as well. I am paused squatting what my regular squat had been and deficit deadlifting at more then my rack deads were previously.

I have leaned out alot although not as much as I should have. I havent eaten as good as I should have. Weight went from 175 to 180ish waist is a measured 2" smaller, chest is almost 2" larger.

John goes way beyond being a trainer. I have alot of crap going on in my life,divorce mainly, and when he knew I was going through a tough time he called and emailed to check on me several times. I will always remember that.

So if you are on the fence or have always wanted to have him train you get to it. You will be happy you did plus its fun to go to the gym and laugh at the guys that are only there to do curls and look in the mirror 8)
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solid work joe. we just getting started my friend. =0)
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John is a life coach.

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Good job man.
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