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Undigested peanuts and almonds in my poop..

So I eat almonds and peanuts everyday but I've noticed that they are coming out undigested.. does this mean i got no caloric value or anything from them?

clearly i should stop eating them no? and is this normal or could there be something wrong with me.. it could have been happening the whole time ive been eating them but i just noticed recently.
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Nuts are very hard to digest, so what your getting out of them is the parts that didn't end up in the toilet. I do fine with them if I eat small amounts, any more than that they just end up undigested and its a waste.
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eat some corn...
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This happens to me since I inhale versus eating my food. No you are not getting the nutritional value of the undigested parts. If you want it simply take more time and chew them thuroghly.

Due to my very bad teath its not much of an option for me...thus having braces and planned implants for multiple teeth :-)

Be carefull...squatting and pulling heavy combined for very rough and sharp roughage = unpleasantness.
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almonds, peanuts, poop, undigested

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