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02-12-2011, 03:36 PM
Hey all, long time lurker here - finally decided to post a log lol

Already have a log in a notebook thats been going for a couple weeks already. Everything is so much more organized doing this and I'm glad I finally began to record all my observations, diet etc.

I've lifted for awhile but without much success in weight progression, sitting at about 195 @ 6'3.

Anyway's I decided to do somewhat of a 33-36 hr fast today starting last night. -Gall. of water+ a day (already do this)
-Couple cups of coffee in morning, green tea later tonight
-daily NOW Adam multi's
-tsp of psyllium husk every few hr's or so along with a tbsp of EVOO
-finish off the night with 30g of org. hemp pro. powder (11g p., 3.5g f., 14g fib.)

Can't wait for tomorrow :laugh1:

In a few weeks ill be starting a TCD for sailing season (gotta cut down a little bit).

Glad to be part of the community!

02-12-2011, 04:22 PM
Where's the green and gold from? You Irish?

02-12-2011, 06:03 PM
yep and its my school colors (run by irish brothers too)

02-12-2011, 06:24 PM
Nice one. Always good to have a fellow Irish man.

02-12-2011, 07:27 PM
sorry i meant irish american, same here bro its always sweet to find some irish lifters

02-14-2011, 09:13 PM
After a few weeks of logging my meals on fitday and bouncing around 195 my maintenance appears to be ~3000-3100 Cal.
Today's workout:
1) Squat 2x3 (S x R) 290, 2x2 295
2) Bench 2x3 165, 2x2 170 missed last rep and got assist :/
3) DB high jumps 4x10 40's w/ thick handle

As of now my PWO consist's of a banana or two (if available) and about 60g of whey(recession,Ultra, TP). Energy levels are pretty solid, eventually exchanging the fruit for dextrose when it comes in.
Bit confused on this though, do most people just drink the dex/gluc straight or flavored?
Eventually buying egg white powder wholesale :D thank you mom+dad for going into the food business

Unfortunately my mom and I euthanized our dog tonight :/ gonna miss you bud

02-16-2011, 10:21 PM
Shot finished tonight, was not pretty absolute worst puts I've had all season. Just mad depressing really.
Remainder of this week+next week most likely not going to have access to a weight room so eating slightly less plus body exercises+skiing.

03-02-2011, 06:44 PM
Well I'm back, still logging in my NB which is easier imo.
Starting one of IA's hardgainers routine's this week, it has two workouts per week with squat/dead on diff. weeks. Sailing season is starting soon and I'll really only have time to go twice a week after school.


Hanging leg raise 2x6
Bench 3x6 155,135,115 (forgot to unload starting new routine and realized after 1st set)
Inc/ DB bench 3x10 25's
Lat raise 3x12 10's Never done these before and they were tougher than expected
Skull Crusher 4x10 35-40 lb Also new to me, not too sure on ez bar weight though

The workouts are two days apart mon/thurs, etc

Not too sure on a few exercises, they have no set/rep put down nor AMAP which is used
with dips.. Its on stuff like hanging leg raise, donkey calves and calf raises

Can't wait for my next lesson in the weight room, learning how to do all sorts of goodies.

03-03-2011, 09:04 PM
Since the gym is closed till monday I'll do a little update on my nutrition.

EVOO everyday at least 2 tbsp
NOW ADAM multi.
*supposedly one of the better multi.'s but I'm not really sure if it helps more so than a cheapo/none
200g protein at the bare minimum
140g ++ if I can get it in
50-150g carbs

At times I can get in 300g (generally what I shoot for) protein but it's no joke getting all that food down and constantly having to stock up on meats, eggs and tuna. Idk how you experienced guys can afford/eat 300-500g of protein in a day lol. As of now I'm shooting for a low carb / high fat / med prot diet.

Still waiting after almost 3 weeks on an order of dextrose :/ hmm what to do, what to do..

03-09-2011, 08:49 PM
this is from Tuesday:

1) Abs. - 25lb crunches 1x10, 25lb side crunches 2x10, 10kg roaches 1x10
all weighted by holding plate above me
2) 30lb DB military press 2x8, 35lb 1x8
3) Reverse dips 3x8 (only counted last set, since it was AMAP)
4) 15lb DB inc/ fly 1x20 (fricken hard, first time doing it)
5) 62.5lb 2x12 tric. push downs (also new), 50lb 1x12

Since these were all new rep ranges/exercises I attempted to find my max weights for them. Next time I work out with these exercises I'll be knocking down the weight slightly.

On a side note.. I shaved my head tuesday (hair was bout 4-5 in long) in support of a six yr old boy with leukemia! bout 50 students and 3 teachers showed up for it and now I got a friend who looks like Gandhi lol

Also I cancelled the dextrose order, idk why it never shipped but I can just buy 50lb of the stuff for ~$20 through my parents business :D

03-13-2011, 10:02 PM
-went to CORE gym and now have my dad's membership seeing how he's never used it lol
-once again just went out and did as much weight as I could manage that day, next month/cycle, program repeats after 4 wks, I'll knock the weight down to about 80%

1)lat pull-down 3x10 50lb
2)DB curls 3x10 25lb
3)Deadlift 1x3 185lb, 1x10 155lb
-first time I've deadlifted in a longgg ass time
4)inverted leg press 1x20 298lb
-only saw this thing then saw the normal one when I was all done smh
5)calf raises 3x12 255
-just loaded the squat rack for these, kinda awkward to do - my knees didn't feel too strong

03-14-2011, 11:11 PM
t'was a decent day, didn't fail anything and got to chill at y2y so stress ain't much of a problem right now.
back to lifting..
-saw a grad. in the gym front squatting ~225+ with a torn elbow (wasn't gripping with that arm) and two fingers on the bar, for 9 reps, damn it was impressing -not to forget his elitefts shirt - strong dude

1)Hanging leg raise 3x9
2)Bench, switched to a closer grip for norm., 3x6 155
3)Inc/ DB Bench 3x10 40's
-im not too sure on my form though, felt pretty bad halfway through 3rd set
4)Lat raises 3x12 15's
-for such small weight these things are fricken hard
5)Skullcrushers 4x12 45lb+10kg
-I had slightly more weight on before but realized I was cheating with my elbows too much, my form is suffering the most on these - will lower the weight till I get it down

BTW I go for the thick handle dumbells whenever available

ruga buga
03-17-2011, 02:37 AM
Good looking lifts man. Is this the hardgainers routine that you are running here?

Oh yeah, props for the shaved head. Keep it up!

03-17-2011, 07:15 PM
Yeah it is and thanks man I appreciate it.
Happy St. Patricks day everyone!

Todays lifts:
DB Rows 3x15 20's
-new lifts, my left rhomboid started bugging me the first set so just kept it as is
DB Curls 3x10 25's
Squat 1x3 295, 1x15 225
-high rep work is hard stuff, I was wiped after this
SLDL 1x8 52.5's
-new lift too + done w/db's, legs were shakin like crazy and couldn't get an arch without bending my legs, so my form needs a quite a bit of work...
Calf raises 3x12 0
-didn't have time since school gym was closing

03-24-2011, 08:57 PM
missed mondays workout.. oh well.

1)lat pull-down 3x10 55lb
2)DB Curls 3x10 25's
3)deadlift 1x3 205lb, 1x10 175lb
4)leg press 1x20 230lb
-not inc/ this time
5)calf raises 3x12 275
-finally figured out that I need to unlock my knees, done with barbell

03-29-2011, 10:23 PM
did an unload at 80%

1) 3x7 HLR
-hard as hell to not use my back so much
2) 3x6 bench 125lb
3) 3x10 inc/ bench 30's
-used IA's advice and lowered the bench even more to around 20 degrees
4) 3x12 Lat raises 12's
5) 4x10 Skullcrushers 55lb
-form needs some work

been doing full TCD diet for a little over a week now and gotta say it really forces me to get all that protein in for the day

04-15-2011, 09:23 PM
gonna update this later - totally forgot to put up my workouts lol

anyways I'm BURNIN in Hawaii and gonna have to forgo my tcd since food is so expensive where I'm staying. Scuba diving, fish, fresh fruit, and plenty of good people - life is good.

04-28-2011, 10:54 PM
Sorry I've been seriously negligent with this log..
lets see...


1)DB rows 3x15 20's
2)DB curls 3x10 20's
3)Squats 1x3 245, 1x15 190
4) SLDL 1x8 45's
5) Seated Calf raises 3x12 150 - not great rom btw

-back from a weekend of some serious alpine skiing, mad fun
-problem was had a little too much fun.. and had little protein

1)Weighted abs 3x10 - crunches 25, side crunches 25, plank@1min 20kg
2)DB mil press 3x12 30
3)Reverse dips AMAP, which I divide into 3 sets - 14,8,10
4) DB inc/ flys 1x20 15
5) Tric. push-downs 3x12 55

-protein low again, at least on this day or so..

1)lat pull-down 3x10 60
2)DB curls 3x10 25
3)Deadlifts 1x3 225, 1x10 185 :)
4)Leg press 1x20 250
5)Seated calves raise 3x12 135
6)Followed by 15 mins of stairmaster
***I normally warm up w/ 5 mins on a stationary bike unless at my school gym

04-28-2011, 11:15 PM
-good day today anddd getting out of school two days early!
-according to a friend, I was arching my back on my HLR's
-found out this past tuesday how much harder simply lifting my legs up are - apparently he was right
-got some gatorade powder for PWO, lol im not sure if buying 50lbs of dextrose in the spring is a good idea for it's longevity

1)HLR 3x9
2)Bench P. 3x6 145
-struggled last rep :/
3)DB Inc/ B.P. 3x10 40
4)Lat raises 3x12 15's
-too much weight most likely, struggled kinda bad and form's kind
5)Skullcrushers 4x10 55
-form still shaky

-in Hawaii by now :D just chillin with my dad till the 22nd
-gym here at the resort is mostly machines/cardio stuff and db's only go up to 50lb :/
-forgo on TCD for now, foods wayyyy to expensive to make a serious attempt at dieting here, so I'll just use the next few weeks to rev up my metabolism
-once again NO FREE WEIGHTS :(

1)DB rows 3x15 25
-shoulder clicks on these, poss form flaw
2)DB curls 3x10 25
3)Seated leg curl 3x12 90
4)SLDL 1x8 50
5)Leg extension 1x15 120

-been scuba diving and also later on a lot, mad fun and also testing out my new equipment - everything worked pretty nicely cept my comp. leaked (minor prob.)
-"fitness center" closed till I leave, looks like I'll be doing some good ol' body weight exercises

1)Reverse dips 3xAMAP 15
2)Crunches, roaches, hip ups 3x15
3)Push ups 1x12,14,16
-lol harder than I thought they would be

-still off TCD
-gym access limited,busy, so on tues and either fri/sat
-no PWO today, also pretty sore the next day hmmmm

1) HLR 3x10
-stopped arching my back, fixed form
2)Bench P. 3x6 145,145,155
3)DB Inc/ B.P. 3x10 40's
4) Lat raises 3x12 15
-could barely do it, lowering the weight next time - rom wasnt good for several reps
5)Skullcrushers 4x10 55
-slightly fixed form, going further behind my face not just my forehead lol
-now I have a poss grip issue on the ez bar..

and that's all folks

05-01-2011, 10:40 PM
worked out yesterday
pretty intense and also the first time ive squatted in an entire month! idk how that happened.. but poundages didn't suffer too bad at all
so anyway lets get this show on the road

1)DB rows 3x15 25
2)DB curl 3x10 25,25,30
3)Squat 1x5 285, 1x15 225
-kinda high on these nbd
4)SLDL 1x8 55
5)Seated calf raises 3x12 145

concerning today though,
so much.. cookie dough.. and cookies mmmmm
lol couldn't help but drench sweet potato fries with honey and brown sugar sooo freakin good - tasted like xmas/thanksgiving

05-03-2011, 10:02 PM
today was nothing special except f'ing allergies, I was dying all day till I found a benadryl thank god. So without further ado I bring you:

1) 1x10 25lb crunches, 1x10 hip ups (x10 each side), and 25kg plank @1 min
2)DB military press 1x8 30's, 2x8 35-40's
-most db's not marked at my school so that's my best guess
3)Reverse dips 1x15, 2x10
4)DB Inc/ fly 1x20 20's
5)Tri. push downs 2x12 62.5, 1x12 55
-rolled shoulders forward to get the higher weight up so went back down to 50's

05-08-2011, 09:33 PM
from friday the 6th:

good gym sesh, had the place all to myself.

1)warm-up on stairmaster bout 4 mins
2)lat pull-down 3x10 60
3)DB curl 3x10 25,30,30
4)Deadlift 1x3 235, 1x10 195
-man did feel this the next day lol
5)Leg press 1x20 275
6)Seat calf raises 3x12 135,140,140

05-13-2011, 06:16 PM
Deloading this week then repeating routine for round 3


1) HLR 3x8
2) bench 3x6 125, 135, 140
3) inc/ DB bench 3x10 35
4) lat raises 3x12 12
5) skullcrushers 4x10 40,40,45,45


1) DB rows 3x12 20
2) DB curls 3x10 25
3) squats 1x5 255, 1x5 175
4) SLDL 1x8 45
5) seated calf raises 3x12 125

05-14-2011, 01:28 PM
LISS today for two hrs on the bike, spring is here!

05-16-2011, 07:42 PM
decided to cut short the deload so back to normal lifting - restarting routine...

1) HLR 3x10
2) bench 3x6 145,150,150
3) inc/ DB bench 3x10 40
4) lat raises 3x12 15
5) skullcrushers 4x10 45,55x3

stressin out, sooooo much shit goin down and now I gotta deal with tomorrow... buncha important tests with the C. of H. to top it off..

05-19-2011, 08:33 PM
pretty nice workout, seein how as I haven't really squatted since before April... comin back strong!
for ~3 months of lifting my squat may not really have gone up but I definitely have gotten stronger

Went to my parents warehouse tonight and picked up the goods. Elaborating on that.. 50lbs of dextrose mono., 5lb cali. walnuts shelled raw, I think 2-3lb almonds raw, 2lb roasted cashews n/s mmmm and a 4lb can of tuna lmao whenever I open that can it seriously stinks up the place like mad. Gotta love the wholesale price tag attached.

soo tonights workout:

Warmup on stationary bike seems less exhausting than the stair-master.. guess I'm just gonna rotate 'em
1) DB rows 3x12 25,25,30
2) DB curls 3x10 25,25,30
3) Squats 1x5 295, 1x5 190
- unloaded at 135 1x5, don't normally unload at all but it felt like a nice stretch
4) SLDL 1x8 65's
5) seated calf raises 3x12 130,140,140

Sand Blaster
05-19-2011, 09:56 PM
Log looks good!


08-02-2011, 12:41 PM
thanks SB!
Sorry guys I haven't updated this in a cpl months..
Up until the end of June I was pretty consistent but then certain obligations threw off my diet and workout schedule. As for now I'm just mixing things up; plyometrics with a twist, a lot of cycling (midnight ride around the od last night), occasional walking and recently I ordered a sled through SNP. Can't wait for it to come in :D
Diet has been relatively high fat, medium protein and low-med carb. I'll be hitting up the gym a lot more in bout a month or so, for now its just a medley.