View Full Version : Muffdiver's journey to being hyooge and strong

06-04-2010, 11:09 AM
Hey guys im starting a log now but since im in amsterdam and taking a week off i wont train til monday. I still need to choose a routine but the choice is between the SPBR, 5/3/1 and a 5x5, any advice is appreciated.

My lifts are:
Squat 145lbsx5
Bench 154lbsx5
Deadlift 200lbsx5

I have been training for a year changing routines all the time until now that i decided to stop being a bitch. The reason for the bench being higher than the squat at this point is that i didnt really pay attention to squats until a few weeks ago.

I weigh 158lbs "vacation weight" which means i weigh that right now that im eating whatever and not training, i usually weigh a bit more.

I am very happy to be on this forum and will accept any advice and criticism on the part of other members.