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10-24-2009, 06:23 PM
Hey guys first off I will introduce myself. I am 15 years old, 6'1 1/2,220 lbs. I am a pretty high bf%. But not crazy high. I am a baseball player who if stays consistent with training has a solid chance of playing college ball. I am going to be lean massing.

My Lifts: Bench=170 Squat-265 DeadLift-335
I haven't tested my squat in a while so I'm fairly certain it went up a good 10-20 lbs.

GOALS: Bench-225 Squat-335 Deadlift-400
Gain a 1/2 lb a week
Get a more athletic build and improve overall strength and coordination
Get better conditioned

My diet will be 100% clean. I am going to be hitting anywhere from 3200-3400 calories every day. I will be keeping the Macros at 40/20/40 (pro,carbs,fat)


I will be doing EXMGQ's routine that I found in the stickies

My routine will start out SUN,WED,FRI. But the next week I will get it back to normal Mon,Wed,Fri.

Squats 2 x 5
Box squats 2 x 4
Leg Press calve raises 2 x 10
Heavy ABS-2x20

Wide grip flat bench 2 x 6 (index fingers on the rings)
Decline medium grip bench 2 x 6 (pinkies on the rings)
Bench Dips 2 x 10
Upright rows 1 x 10

Dead lifts (rotate variations each week) 2 x 5
pull thrus 1 x 10-15
Bent over rows 2 x 4
Reverse grip narrow grip pull downs 2 x 6
Standing wide grip curls 2 x 8

I will add some conditioning 1-2 days a week. I will also be working on getting more agile and mobile. I want to really loosen my hips up and get more flexible in my hamstrings as I can't touch my toes.

Thanks for reading guys

10-25-2009, 01:45 PM
good job man ill follow your log for sure ex's program looks great

10-25-2009, 02:02 PM
Thanks a lot man. Yea i hope to see some great improvements with this program.

Week 1- Workout 1


Box Squat-

Side Bends-

Seated calve raises-


Overall was a great workout. The last rep on my 2nd work set of box squats was really tough, almost missed it. Next squat workout I will do squats and Leg Press.

My diet for today:

8:00- 4 whole eggs, and a cup egg beaters
10:30- 1 cup oats, 2.5 scoops whey, 2 tbsp PB
1:00 PWO- 4.5 scoops of cytogainer
3:30- 7 oz. chicken, 1/2 cup oats, 2 tbsp almond oil
6:00- 3 scoops whey, 2 tbsp almond oil
8:30- 2 cans tuna, 2 tbsp almond oil

Macros- 168g carbs
142g fat
335g protein


10-29-2009, 11:40 AM
Week 1- Workout 2

Wide Grip Bench (index fingers on rings)-
135x1x6 PR
145x1x4 PR missed the 5th, supposed to get 6

Medium Grip Decline Bench (pinkies on rings)-

Gravitron Dips-
160 lbs assistancex1x10
170 lbs assistancex1x10

Military Press-

This was my first time going that wide on the bench so it was a little weird, but i managed to hit a PR. This was also my first time doing decline bench, felt like i did solid on those. I did gravitron dips because I can maybe do 1 dip tops, and it is a struggle to get 1. So hopefully in a month I will be doing multiple sets of 2-3. The military press was very easy, I way undershot it. Next workout I will go for 85 or 90x10 for a very big PR.

OVERALL was a great workout. I am glad to see my bench go up.

10-30-2009, 11:43 AM
Workout 3-Week 1

I did not do rack pulls today because I tweaked my lower back and hurt when I tried them. So I did assistance

Pull Thrus-
110x1x15 PR

BB Rows-
155x1x4 PR

Reverse Grip Narrow Pulldowns-

Wide Grip BB curls-

Side Bends-
55x1x10 PR


Even though I didn't get to do my main lifts I thought I had an awesome work out.
I'm really hoping this back problem settles down a little bit before squats on Monday. My BB Rows felt amazing, them are officially one of my top 5 favorite exercises now. I am glad I hit a couple of PR's. Hopefully I'll hit some on Monday to. I will be resting the whole weekend and getting plenty of food in for recovery.

10-30-2009, 01:36 PM
yo man your workout looks pretty good even though deadlifts were not done. but hey if you don't feel you can do something injury free you shouldnt do it

10-30-2009, 05:09 PM
yea man my lower back is killing me right now. IDK what I'm going to do for squat day.

10-31-2009, 02:45 PM
I've decided I am going to do a 1/2 day TCD. I will start it on monday. I will start with the calories about 500 below maintenance and see where it takes me. 2 Days of Low-intensity cardio a week. When I stall I'll kick it up to 3 days. Right now I just need to stay consistent with my dieting because I always do it for a day then lose motivation and get off of the diet. I want to get down to 200 lbs in 3 months. Right now I'm at 220. I will be posting my weekly weight and Posting my fitday once a week. I;m going to try to stay off of the computer so I don;t keep changing my mind all the time.