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09-02-2009, 03:37 PM

I've been lifting on and off for a little over a year now. I never really committed myself diet-wise or training-wise so this journal is to help me keep consistent for my training.

In May 2008 I was 120 or 122 at 5'7". I could barely bench 65 pounds haha let alone attempting to squat or deadlift. I really just followed my friend who wrestled and could push decent amounts of weight already.

Now in September 2009 I'm 135 at around 5'7 1/2" or 5'8''. I can bench 145, squat 225, and deadlift 205 (haven't tried more on the DL). I haven't got extremely bigger or anything, just more cut and a little more mass. I'm pretty glad the way things are going. I'm headed to college at UCSD in a few weeks and I think it'll be easier to regulate my diet there than it is at home.

I just started IA's recommended teen starting workout. And I'm going to keep track of weight increases through this Training Log.

Thanks for reading my log!


Leg Press

warm up set 1x 10 170
the real stuff 3x5 350

Calf Raises

3x15 45


warm up set 1x6 135
real stuff 3x5 185

Lat Pulldown

4x6 42.5

Barbell Bicep Curl

3x8 40

Good day, good day

09-02-2009, 06:10 PM
nice squat... 225 lbs.. took me a while to get to that. How do you squat?? atg? parallel? just above?

and dude..
you going to UCSD as a freshmen this fall?

cause i am too lol.

09-03-2009, 02:06 AM
225 i could barely get parallel. close but probably not. my friend spotted me on the third one up haha. yeah i'm at ucsd this fall

09-04-2009, 07:32 PM
well another good day. I sit here drinking my protein shake smiling. lol but yeah today was the second day following IA's beginner routine and here's what to show.

Bench Press

some warm up with the bar, then

3x5 135
1x5 155 (for kicks, had a spotter on the 5th rep up)

Incline Dumbbell Press

4x8 40

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3x8 30

Skull Crushers

3x10 EZ bar and 20 lb

Ab, crunch machine

1x10 125
2x10 140

And after all that I decided to squat because I felt like it.

Parallel Squats

1x10 135
1x5 205
1x5 225 (<-- :rock: personal best for me for now)

I feel so weak on the shoulder and incline dumbbell exercises, although it really is my first/second time on them.

09-07-2009, 05:09 PM
THIRD day with IA's routine and so far I'm liking the results.

I started my routine with:

Incline BP

1x10 bar
3x5 115

Flat BP

1x5 bar
1x5 140
1x3 160 (another pesonal best!)

Flat Dumbbell Press

4x8 45

Military Dumbbell Press

3x8 30

Ab Crunch Machine

2x10 140
1x6 155

Tricep Pushdown

2x10 Machine and 90
1x10 Machine and 135

not bad. one of the shorter workouts i've had

09-10-2009, 12:27 AM
Today didn't go so well. I played way too much dota shit. mind is just spinning. oh well sort of an off day, but i realized i can squat and press what i couldn't do like a week ago.

Calf Raises

3x15 50


1x18 135
1x7 205
1x8 225 (new personal best.)

Barbell Curl

1x8 50
2x8 40

Bent Row (I'm so bad at this I have no idea how to do it.)

1x8 95

Ham Raises

2x10 30

Pull ups

2x2 plus 25 lbs

Flat Bench Press

x6 135

sort of an off day

11-23-2009, 11:53 PM
My god. After getting to UCSD I slacked ridiculously. I didn't work out for almost a month, got sick, lost weight. Felt like shit.

Good thing I'm gonna turn things around.

Hit the gym and rebuild myself.


Bench Press

115 1x7
135 2x5
145 1x3


Warm up 1x10
135 1x10
205 3x5

Bicep Curl

50 3x8

Lat Pulldown Machine 1 with plates

90 3x10

Lat Pulldown Machine with Cable

Setting 6 2x6

Still getting used to UCSD's gym. Hopefully I can bulk up to 140 by winter, I'm at 134.6 as of now. Wish me Luck. BRINGING IT BACK.

11-30-2009, 02:30 AM
So first day back from Norcal. Thanksgiving Break was alright. Didn't renew my f19 membership, but plan to soon.


Bar 1x10
95 1x10
135 1x10
205 2x7

Flat Bench

95 1x10
135 3x 4-5

Bicep Barbell Curl

50 4x 5-8
60 1x 2

Dumbbell Military Press

25 1x10
30 2x10

Ab Machine

110 1x10
125 2x10
140 1x10

There really isn't that much that makes me so happy as a great workout with the ladies lookin on.