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08-07-2009, 05:27 PM
Day One

I decided to start a log here, because considering the general standards of this board (as opposed to, say, bb.com), I think if I get some feedback here, it'll be a great help to me.

Height: 5'10
Current weight: 9 stone 5lb (133lb)


I'm currently on IA's SPBR, today was the second back and legs day here are today's weights (please note, deadlifts have been subbed, not because I don't believe in deadlifts, but because I go to a horribly equipped gym, where the staff believe that having a million different machines is better than having a barbell):

(Note, for dumbbell compound movements, I am using the weights of both dumbbells combined, whereas for isolation movements, I am using the weight of a single dumbbell)

Dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift 2x5: 44kg (97lb)
(was a little easy, will probably bump this up next time)

Machine leg press 2x10: 90kg (198lb)
(machine movement, so obviously quite easy compared to free-weights movements. I don't think I'm quite ready to move it up to 100 yet, but I might try next week, depending on how it feels)

Chins (4x5): bodyweight
(I actually did horribly on these, first set was fine, second set I made, but with a bit of difficulty on the last rep, struggled through the third set and failed on the fourth rep and decided to leave it there. I may have to swallow my pride and work up my strength on a pulldown machine. Damn I'm weak)

Dumbbell Bicep curl (3x8): 8kg (18lb)
(Was strangely more difficult than usual. I'm going to put it down to being tired today)


EDIT: Fixed the chicken curry meal. Damn, that made a huge difference. I've eaten terribly today :(


This is probably fairly inaccurate, as some of the meals were hard to actually figure out what they should be in Fitday, but with a bit of guesswork, this is what I've got. As you can see, I haven't eaten enough protein. Or enough much anything for that matter. I'll have a shake in about an hour, which should add about 30 grams onto that, but I'm afraid that'll have to do, unless I stay up all night. Food can be a bit awkward at the moment, due to the fact that I'm going away for a week from Monday, so I have to pretty much eat what I can. I'm gonna be making some adjustments to the shopping list once I'm back though :)

Well, that's that. I'll update this on every workout day. And yes, I have to sub the lifts I'm subbing. There are absolutely no barbells in my gym (unless you count the smythe machine, and personally, I don't) and I can't afford to change gyms or start a home gym. In fact, I can't afford much anything right now. If you have any suggestions for BETTER subs, then by all means say them. Anything that can be done with cables, dumbbells, or a smythe machine, I can do.