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06-25-2009, 07:33 PM
Hey guys,

Thought I'd start up a log here as it's much better the BB.com, alot more moderated from what I can see. Hopefully I can keep track of my stuff better. April/May were a total waste of time for me. I did the newb thing of getting bored with a routine quickly afew acouple of months and then going into splits, all my lifts dropped and it took me quite abit of time to get them back up. But now I'm back up to where I was before the mistake, and PRing everything very quickly hopefully!

Background info:
Age: 17 (01/05 UK)
Weight: 142lb approx
Height: 5' 11"
Experience: Lifting since mid febuary 2009

As of yesterday:


I can't remember the name of it at the minute, but the right hand side of my chest bone is higher (coming forwards) than the left, I have uneven ribs at the bottom aswell, the left (my left) sticks out more as you can see. I'd post a leg picture but there really babyish atm, and are only just developing so.
My high bicep insertion also makes my upper arm look very small, and lower seem alot longer, not helped by my large hands to small joints.
Not sure on BF% but I can get a spiders web of vascularity out of my arms/shoulders/chest/abs cold days after WO's.

Current Diet:
160-180g Approx Protein
3300 kcals Approx (Will raise as I don't think I'm gaining weight still)
300g approx carbs (dont really keep a mental track mind you)
4-5l water daily
Sorting diet about tomorrow with exact macro's/times to follow daily instead of random improvisation.

25g impact whey PWO
Just finished loading creatine at 25g a day for the past 5 days, going for 5g a day in the morning for a week then switch it to 5g morning, expect WO days which will be with Pre WO meal. See if I notice a difference.
I have some glucosamine on standby for when I do more cardio, my joints used to hurt squatting/running alot so.

Current Measurements:
Will update this soon.

Current Sleep:
8 Hours minimum.
Usually 9 Hours After WO's.
And 10 Hours After WO's w/ deadlifts.

Currently doing Rippetoe's (I know you guys hate that here, but it's working for me atm.)

None at the moment, but hopefully HIIT twice a week starting next week, will monitor and adjust accordingly.

Tonights WO:
Bar x8
40kg x6
50kg x3
62.5kg x3
70kg/154lb x5 PR
70kg x5
67.5kg x5

Military Press:
Bar x5
25kg x4
35kg/77lb x5
35kg x5
35kg x4

Bent Rows:
35kg x6
45kg x4
55kg x5
55kg x5
55kg/121lb x5

BW +5kg/11lb x5
BW +10kg/22lb x4
BW +15kg/33lb x3

V Bar Pushdowns:
2x12 20kg/44lb

Thanks - Curtis.

07-02-2009, 07:08 AM
Bar x8
40kg x5
50kg x2
70kg x5
70kg x5
70kg/154lb x5

Bar x6
30kg x4
40kg x2
50kg x5
50kg/110lb x4
47.5 x5

40kg x6
50kg/110lb x4 [Light]

Pull ups:
BW x5
BW x4
BW x3

07-02-2009, 08:31 AM
Good luck, mate. I did Starting Strength for a while as well and got great gains off of it.