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04-20-2009, 10:03 PM

This is my first log so bear with me no this one :)

I will try and keep this short and sweet :)

So here's it is:

I first got into weights from wrestling, when we would do plate workouts and A LOT of pushups/pullups/RopeClimbing, and in the offseason I knew the only way i would get better is to lift weights and work on my cardio. I am currently a Junior in high school and im looking to wrestle 171 next year and gain 20lbs of muscle over the summer. (Hard but I'll try my best)

About me and the journal:

Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Weight: 157lbs (weighted 135/140 for wrestling just over 2 months ago)
Max bench: 220 (Did on second routine, 190x5)
Max squat: 316 (Did today, 275x5)
Max deadlift: Will go for max this week.
Goals: Gain muscle for next years wrestling season.
Suppliments: Opti-Men, Fish/Flax oil, 100% Whey, Casein at night, and Shock Therapy sometimes before I lift.

Todays Lifts: (from EXMGQ's Extended Routine)

Squats: 225x6 ; 275x5

Box squats: 185x4 ; 205x4 (First time doing these, had to use preacher curl seat haha)

Leg presses 290x20 ; 290x20

Good Mornings 95x10 (feel awkward when doing these, switched to back ext)
Back Extension 45x6

Hanging Leg Raise: Body Weightx20 ; BodyWeightx20

hips 1 x 20-25 reps ; could not do, no bands, abductor/abbductor machines

Seated Calf Raise: 115x12 (harder then i thought haha) ; 90x20 ; 90x20

And thats all for todays lifts :)

04-22-2009, 09:32 PM
Tuesday: day off

Wednesday: switched to IA power routine

Bench Press: 155x5 ; 180x5 ; 190x5 (Personal Record)

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 45x8 ; 50x8 ; 55x8 ; 60x8

Military or Dumbbell Shoulder: 50x8 ; 50x8 ; 50x8 (Struggled a little bit on these, not sure why but i def. felt a burn)

Skull Crushers: 40x10; 40x10; 50x10 (Dont count the bar as weight)

Double Crunch: Bodyweight x 10 for 3 sets.

Today I had slightly longer rest periods because we added a 3rd man to my group.

Overall a pretty good day :)

04-24-2009, 10:43 PM


Deadlift: 295x3 (form sucked so lowered weight) 225x5 ; 225x5 [def need to work on form]

Bent OverRows: 135x5 ; 135x5; 135x5 [lower back was tight thanks to deadlifts]

Chinups: bodyweight+10x5 [3 seconds down, 5s down on last rep] ; bodyweight+25x5 ; bodyweight+25x6 ; bodyweight+25x6 [5 second down on all reps]

Barbell Curl: 95x8 ; 95x8 ; 95x8. [a lot lower then i thought, just wasnt feeling right]

Calf Raises: 325x15 ; 325x15 ; 325x15

OVERALL today I lifted pretty shitty, not sure why but the deadlifts are def. not my strongest suit...

04-25-2009, 04:43 AM
dude, none of your workouts are from the same routine. what program are you doing? :|

04-25-2009, 12:34 PM
The First is from (from EXMGQ's Extended Routine)

then I switched to IA's routine because it seemed to fit me more

and friday I couldnt do all of IA's friday routine because i did more half of them on monday :P

04-27-2009, 11:21 PM
Today I was pretty pumped going to the gym, after two days off I was feeling great, well except for my sore calves haha


Incline Dumbbell Press: 110x5 ; 120x5 ; 130x5

Dumbbell Bench Press: 120x8 ; 120x8 ; 130x8

Military or Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 70x8 ; 80x8 ; 90x8 (still doesnt feel right, i was doing a lot more a couple weeks ago)

Tricep pushdowns: 60x10 ; 70x10 ; 80x10 (did these slow and in control)

Standing Cable Crunch: 70x10 ; 90x10 ; 110x10 (probably will stick to kneeling cable crunches, felt more of a burn)

Got a good sweat going today, feeling good. Comments anyone?

05-17-2009, 04:06 PM
Not much to update about cause this week i Deloaded, and on Friday i had a takedown tournament at my school, got my ass kicked because i wasnt in cardio shape but its all good :)

My back's still sore as hell from friday night so it might take a week to get back into top lifting form again...

05-18-2009, 10:27 PM
Incline Dumbbell Press: 155x5 ; 165x5 ; 165x5

Dumbbell Bench Press: 100x8 ; 120x8 ; 120x8

Military or Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 80x8 ; 90x8 ;110x8

Tricep pushdowns: 60x10 ; 70x10 ; 70x10

Decline bench abs 3 Sets of 10

Felt good lifting hard again.

05-19-2009, 12:26 AM
What does your diet look like? Im trying to get mine all settled and it seems we are pretty much the same build except your a tad younger and a little bigger then i am, but who cares.

Or do you just eat anything/everything?

05-24-2009, 12:43 PM
What does your diet look like? Im trying to get mine all settled and it seems we are pretty much the same build except your a tad younger and a little bigger then i am, but who cares.

Or do you just eat anything/everything?

I try to eat lean, and still get as much protein in as i can, Usually eggs+oatmeal in the morning

a handful of almonds at like 10 at school

then i eat me lunch i packed in the morning (sandwich, chewy bar, apple/orange + banana, and some other stuff)

Another handful of almonds at 2

Usually eat some more food right when I home at 3

Dinner at 5, usually some meat and veggies

Lift at 7-8:15ish

Then drink my protein shake and eat some cherrios post workout

And finally my new post workout drink: 1 Scope Casein, 2 Cups Skim milk, 1 Tablespoon peanut butter.

If anyone has some suggestions as to how to get more protein that would be appreciated ^^

05-24-2009, 12:58 PM
Wednesdays workout:

Barbell Squat:245x5 ; 255x5; 295x5
- Pull-Throughs: 50x10 ; 70x10 ; 90x10 (Still trying to get good form, almost feels awkward)
- Bent Row 145x6; 155x6; 175x6
- EZ Bar Curl: 50x8 ; 50x8 ; 50x8 (dont count bar weight)
- Barbell Calf Raises: 300x15 ; 325x15; 325x15

Friday Morning's workout:
Flat Bench Press: 155x5 ; 175x5; 195x5 (PR)
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 80x8; 90x8; 100x8; 110x8
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 80x8; 100x8; 110x8
SkullCrushers: 50x10; 60x10; 65x10 (probably should of done more)

Didnt do abs, was feeling like i was going to throw up midway through Inc. DB press'

05-25-2009, 05:50 PM
Monday Afternoons workout:

Deadlift: 245x5; 275x5; 315x5 (PR, up 15lbs)
- Leg Press: 290x10; 360x10
- Weighed Pullup: 25x6; 25x6; 35x6; 35x6
- EZ-bar Curl 50x8; 50x8; 60x8
- BB reverse curl: 65x12; 65x12; 75x12
- BB behind back curl: 3 Sets of 95x12

If anyone has suggestions as to what I should work on, that would be MUCH appreciated :)

05-27-2009, 09:48 PM
Incline Dumbbell Press: 120x5 ; 140x5 ; 150x5 (PR)

Dumbbell Bench Press: 120x8 ; 130x8 (PR) ; 130x8 (PR); 130x8 (PR)

Upright Row: 50x8; 70x8 x 70x8 (Wrist discomfort, couldnt really push myself...)

Tricep pushdowns:70x10 ; 75x10 ; 75x10

No abs today, felt sick in middle of Triceps excersize :/

As always any suggestions on what to work out is welcome, Ty for viewing :)

06-01-2009, 04:53 PM
Friday Night: No partner tonight, couldnt really push myself like I normally could...

Barbell Squat:245x5 ; 255x5; 275x5
- Pull-Throughs: 90x10 ; 110x10 ; 120x10 (seems to easy...)
- Bent Row 155x6; 155x6; 165x6
- Sitting Dumbbell Curl: 70x8 ; 70x8 ; 80x8
- Seated Calf Raises: 90x15 (had to cut short)

~~Monday Morning~~
ChestWarmup: 50 pushups, 2 sets, 1 50 pushup set with feet elevated 1.5ft off ground.

Bench Press: 185x5 ; 190x5 ; 195x5 (Personal Record)

Incline BB Bench Press: 155x8 ; 165x8 (PR) ; 155x8 ; 155x8

Military or Dumbbell Shoulder: 45x8 ; 45x8 ; 45x8

Overhead Tricep Ext: 55x10; 60x10; 70x10 (Should of done more...)

Tips what to work on appreciated.

06-01-2009, 05:04 PM
Some nice lifts there for a 160lb six footer.

06-01-2009, 09:47 PM
Thanks mate

If anyone has a suggestion as to what I could use the most work on (bodypart) that would be appreciated :)

06-03-2009, 09:41 PM
Wasnt in a real pumped up mood today... but meh, still lifted

Deadlift: 245x5; 295x5; 325x5 (PR, up 10lbs)
- Leg Press: 340x10; 340x10
- WideGrip lat pulldown: 90x6; 130x6; 140x6; 130x6
- BB Curl 95x8; 95x8; 95x8 (good form)
Then some forearm workouts.

All for today :)

06-03-2009, 09:45 PM
nice deadlifting.

06-05-2009, 05:46 PM
Thank you sir, I just started doing them and I feel like I've been missing out xD

Fridays workout::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::
Incline Dumbbell Press: 110x7 ; 130x5 ; 150x5

Dumbbell Bench Press: 120x8 ; 130x8 ; 140x8 (PR); 140x8 (PR) ; could of went up a little weight in the last set but didnt want to burn myself out completely

Shoulder Press: 90x8; 90x8 x 90x8 (Felt weak today with these)

Tricep pushdowns:60x10 ; 65x10 ; 65x10 (Down since last week too...)

Overall this workout was a little poor'er then usual, but thats probably because i cut down the time between sets to just before 1:30 (I have a countdown on my watch)

06-05-2009, 09:17 PM
man sick lifts, especially your squats

06-08-2009, 07:39 PM
Thanks, I'm a work in progress :P

Again no partner on squat day so I couldnt really push myself..

Box Squat : 155x5; 185x5; 225x5 ; 255x5 (Still trying to get the hang of these)
Front Squat: 155x5; 165x5 ; 185x5
- Pull-Throughs: 100x10 ; 120x10 ; 120x10
- Bent Row 155x6; 155x6; 175x6
- Preacher BB Curl: 50x8 ; 50x8 ; 70x8
- Cable Abductors: 60x12 /each leg ; 60x12
- BB 21's : 45x21 ; 65x21

Sucks not having a partner, cause I cant push myself as hard...


06-10-2009, 07:13 PM
Did some abs Sunday/Tuesday, and for this weeks workout I dont have a workout partner...

Wednesdays workout:
Dips: BW+35 ; +45 ; +45
Incline DB press: 100x8; 120x8; 120x8; 120x8
ShoulderPress: 100x8; 110x8; 120x5 (could of really used a partner that time...)
Pressdown w/ Rope Attach: 60x10; 60x10; 65x10
Calf Raises: 3 sets of 400x12


07-22-2009, 05:00 PM
Havent lifted much in the past 3 Weeks because I have had wrestling camps/Practices/Tournies

However I recently Purchased the 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler, not because i didn't like the IA's simple power lifting routine but rather I think this one might suit me better and I really need strength more then anything for wrestling as i found out during my wrestling tourny (got out-muscled) Also on off days I will be running about 2 miles, because I was REALLY winded after about 3 Minutes of wrestling and that definitely needs to change.

So Today I started the 5/3/1!

Now for the lifts: Squat day ::


Squat: 225x5 : 245x5 : 255x10 (PR by 1 pound haha)

Leg Press: 210x20 : 220x20: 220x20 : 210x20 : 210x20 (forgot we where doing 5 sets xD)

Leg Curls: 40x10 : 50x10: 60x10
__________________________________________________ ______________________

Overall my legs are hurting pretty good as I'm typing this (hour after) this was supposed to be an easy day but as I havent lifted in awhile thats why im feeling this sore I presume.

Looking forward to results ^^

Comments welcome :)

07-24-2009, 09:21 PM
Day Two of the 5/3/1 Routine:

Military Press Warmup

Barx5; 55x5; 70x3

Military Press: 85x5 ; 90x5; 95x18

Dips: 5 Sets of 15 reps (Bodyweight+10) Okay, these wherent bad but the last rep always sucked hard haha, but no pain no gain ^^

Chinups/Parallel Grip: 5 Sets of 10 reps. Yup these wherent to bad but where harder as the sets when on but i got em all...

Overall a tough... but good day :rock:

07-26-2009, 05:28 PM
First time doing deadlifts in a hella long time...

warmup, 3 sets

275x12(PR by 20lbs)

5 Sets: 75x10

hanging leg raise
3 sets x 10

07-27-2009, 09:35 PM
Final day for my first cycle of the 5/3/1 lifts!

Im going to skip saying the warmups from now on, i do 3 Sets of warmups before I actually lift.

Bench: 155x5; 165x5; 175x10 (First time in a long time doing Bench, struggled...)

Dumbbell Bench: 100x15; 90x15; 90x15

Kroc Rows: 70x20; 70x20; 70x20; 70x20; 70x20 (first time doing these)

Today I had to skip 2 sets of on my DB Bench because there was a possible tornado warning an hour away from my lifting start, so i had to punch em out and get home... Unfortunately
the storm broke apart and now is only light rain... >.>


07-29-2009, 11:41 PM
Cycle Two!

Military Press:
80x3; 90x3; 105x16(PR by 30!).

Bodyweight+10Lbs x 5 Sets (easy first 3 sets, the last rep on the last 2 where a little harder)

Wide Grip chin ups:
Bodyweight x 10; B.Wx10; B.W+5 x10; B.W+5x10; B.W+5x10 (probably should of went a little heavier)

Overall today was a very easy day for some reason, I dont feel sore... yet.

Cheers :)

07-30-2009, 09:30 PM
Okay today was a holy shit day, and my legs are feeling it!

Squats: 215x3; 245x3; 275x10 (+27lb personal record!) I was soooo close to getting 11, but i only 1/2 repped it and didn't count it, that would of been +31...

Leg Press: 210x20; 210x20; 210x20; 210x20; 210x20 (okay these seriously sucked after that last squat set, but i didnt bitch out and i did them all.)

Leg Curl: 55x10; 55x10; 55x10; 55x10; 55x10

Man i feel like shit, yet I am stoked that i got my end summer goal already!



08-02-2009, 10:07 PM
So a little nutrition today, got 11 hours of sleep so my breakfast was lunch...
Lunch: 1Cup Ezekiel cereal+1 bagel+about 9oz grape juice/+multi, fishoil, ect
Late Lunch: 2 chicken wraps
Later Lunch: 2 Cups milk+2 Bananas+1 instant breakfast+1 some healthy Omega oil+some malt powder
Pre Lifting: 1 Cup Oatmeal + 5g Glutamine, 5g Creatine mono
Post workout: 1 Scoop Whey+5g Glutamine
60 Mins post: 12oz water+ Gatorade powder (dextrose)
Throughout the day: Handfuls of mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, and 3 bottles of water [17oz]
Now ill probably have some red meat and some more water, then casein+peanut butter before i go to bed.

ONTO the lifting! I modified this routine today a little bit by taking out the DB pressing and putting in stuff i need to work a little more on...

145x3; 165x3; 185x10(PR up 7)

DB Incline:
55x8; 55x8; 60x8; 65x8

T-Bar Row: (weights only)
100x6; 115x6; 135x6; 180x10 [Been awhile but i think i kept good form]

Kroc Row:
75x20; 75x20; 75x20; 75x20; 75x20 [had to use a strap with my left arm because for some reason my left just isnt as strong, so i used a strap for the first 3 sets]

OVERALL today seemed VERY easy, im not sure if its because I used creatine/Glut preworkout for the first time in a longgg time, or because it was just an easy day...

Anyways I might get some progress pictures up and some vids so you guys can help me perfect my form.


08-03-2009, 10:47 PM
Didnt feel pumped so i had to work up for a little bit longer today...

255x3; 275x3x 300x10 (PR, Milestone)

Good Mornings:
65x7; 65x5, felt uncomfortable so i just stopped...

Back Extensions:
B.Wx7; B.W+10x7; +10x7; +10x7

Walking lunges:
60x7[each leg] 50x7; 50x7; 50x7 (Grip gave out before my legs did)

Pause Rep Calf Raises:
200x20;200x20;200x20;200x20;200x20 (pause one second top and bottom)

Finally got my first milestone (400lbs) i was working for, and just over 2 months ago my max out was 354. Course now i already want 450lbs before December haha...


08-03-2009, 11:49 PM
u have some nice lifts for ur weight man.

08-04-2009, 12:56 AM
Thanks mate, its hard to compare myself to other people, cause nobody seems to be the same height/weight lol

08-04-2009, 12:58 AM
your dead went from 325x5 to 300x10 since i looked here
nice stuff

08-04-2009, 03:24 PM
Yeah the 5/3/1 Lets me go all out of the last set, unlike IA's where it was more of a steady thing haha

08-07-2009, 02:30 PM
Today I actually felt like lifting so I switched back to IA's SPBR because i get a hella good workout and sweat going [2.5 min rest compound lift, 2 min rest everything else]

Misc Ab Work, 3 Setsx15
Incline Barbell Press: 175x5; 185x5; 205x5; 205x5; 115x10 1second Pause Rep
DB BenchPress: 100x8; 120x8; 140x8 (PR)
ShoulderPress: 100x8; 100x8; 100x8
Tri-Pushdown: 60x10; 60x10; 70x10+50x6 Dropset
Dips: B.W+25x5; +25x4; +25x4 (Did for luls)
Some more Misc Ab work.

Overall it was a good day, have done most of that workout besides dips in a long time, felt good... Also I will try and get some progress pictures and possibly a couple of lift videos in so you guys could help me correct my form if I have any mistakes

08-08-2009, 01:34 AM
Another IA Day, not much to comment on today so ill just type it out for later reference...

Squat: 245x5; 255x5; 285x6
PullThroughs: 100x10; 120x10; 140x10
BB Curls: 75x10; 85x10; 70x21 (Was using a thick bar, dont know weight, guessed 55)
Kroc Row: 100'sx15; 100x15; 75x20; 80x20 (Weak Grip Strength)
WristRoller: 10lbs; 15lbs

08-09-2009, 10:25 PM
Today i upped the volume a little bit, and cut down rest times to about 1 minute.

Bench: 155+40lb Chains(20lbs each)/ 195x5; 195x5; 195x5 (Good Change from regular)
Parallel Grip DB Bench: 50'sx10; 55x10
DB Fly's 30'sx12; 30x12
CableCrossover (starting low) 100x10; 120x9
CableCrossover (starting ChestLevel) 100x10; 120x8
EzBar Curl-->Skullcrusher: 50x12 Superset (ez bar was screwed up so switched lift)
{Preacher CableCurl: 70x12;80x12;90x12
Supersetted w/ OverheadTri Extension: 60x12; 60x12; 65x12}
TriPressdown: 30x100; 45x30+40x70 (went to light on first set,then went to heavy hah)
CloseGrip Pushup: B.W+Chainsx10; +chainsX8
Leg Raises: B.Wx12; x12
Weighted Situp: +25x10; +25x10 (BEHIND head, not on chest)

So today was a pretty easy day, just a lot of volume and whatnot, now im off to get my protein so i can grow :D

08-09-2009, 10:36 PM
Thanks mate, its hard to compare myself to other people, cause nobody seems to be the same height/weight lol

I'm just under 6'1" and have 20+ lbs on you (at 10-15% bf) yet you are still much stronger than me. I think you need more food man.

08-09-2009, 11:16 PM
Thanks for the input but heres my problem:

Im pretty tall and I put on 25 pounds about 2 weeks after wrestling, and since then ive only put on about 5 pounds this summer. Im guessing im still at the same BF% because i still have my 6 pack (Im around 8%) and have been eating as much as I can...

But trust me, its not easy because for 4 months during wrestling i was going a couple of days by just eating apples during the week and having 2 hours of HIIT wrestling...

My stats have skyrocketed, but my weight has only went up slighty, and for all i know its from the creatine*water retention* So im kinda puzzled as to how to put on more weight for wrestling this year. My goal was wrestling 171 @ 6% BF, but thats pretty much out of the question now...

Current supps: ON whey, Casein, Creatine mono, Now ADAM, Greentea Extract, CLA. I average about 1.25gProtein/bodyweight on off days, 1.5-75g/ on off

Any input guys?

08-10-2009, 11:18 PM
Deadlift/Deload day: Didnt go all out on last set's because... thats what a deload is! However this was the first day I did 3 workout days in a row in 6+months, kinda felt weak as a result..

Deadlift: 250x5; 305x5; 325x5
{CloseGrip CableRow: 100x10; 115x10; 120x10
Weighted WideGrip Pullups: B.W+10x10; +10x10; +10x8} Superset
Underhand CableRow:80x10; 110x10
DB Rows: 80x20; 80x20; 80x20; 100x20 (PR)(vid)
LegPress: 290x8; 290x8

Grip sucked today, but other then that I had a pretty good sweat going.

Got a video of Deadlift/Kroc Row, but i dont have a USB cable for my camcorder so ill be getting one by the time i get back from Vacation and will post shortly after...

08-11-2009, 01:54 AM
Does your camera have a little card you can just slide into your computer?

08-11-2009, 11:39 PM
nope, I need a USB cable :/

08-12-2009, 09:25 PM
lol 325 x5 for deload, strong mdfer

08-15-2009, 10:19 PM
So finally back from Tennessee, very good mini-vacation just hated the 12 hour Car rides :/ But I basically counted the 4 days of no lifting (today would be 5th since i didnt lift till 6:30pm) As my deload, still no USB cable but I will Try and get some Progress pictures so you guys can help me out on what i need to work on.

Anyways... Got 11 Hours of sleep, forced myself to get up so i could of probably slept more. 5/5 Sleep quality

Nutrition: http://www.fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=ia-klarko
Supplements I took today:
Morning Mid Breakfast: Opti-Men, Salmon Oil, CLA, Green Tea Extract
MidAfternoon: 100% Casein
Pre-Workout: Shock Therapy+Creatine Mono, GreenTea Extract
PWO: 100% Whey (2 Scoops)

Well today I didnt have a workout partner so i Lifted solo, i wanted to try out some new stuff and use a couple intensity boosters, and boy did i work out a good sweat xD (2 Min Break Inbetween sets)

Routine: Incline DB Press: 70x5; 70x5; 70x5
Flat DB Press: 55x8; 60x8; 60x8; 60x8

Seated CalfRaise(2s Pause @ Top&Bottom)
50x15; 55x15; 55x10 (15s rest) 55x10

SuperSet#1: Standing EZ-Bar Curl+SkullCrusher:
40x6; 45x6; 45x6(Felt easy, could of gone 50 if i had partner)

Superset#2: V-Bar Preacher CableCurl+Seated Overhead DB Ext:
70+60x8; 85+60x8; 115+60x8; 125+60x8 (First sets felt to easy, need to do 115+65x8 next time)

Superset#3: 1 Arm-CableCurl+V-Bar Pressdown:
55+80x10; 55+85x10[15]; 60+100x10[12] (Pressdowns where to easy, need to adjust these too next time)

Overall today was a good break from the usual, and was good for not having a partner.

Motivation: 8/10
Workout: 9/10 (10 if I had partner)


08-16-2009, 12:02 AM
Man you've got some sick lifts for 158lb. at 6ft....must be really lean.

If your trying to gain your probably going to be needing more than 2500 calories though

08-16-2009, 12:38 AM
sleep FTW, nice inclines

08-17-2009, 11:06 PM
Sleep: 10 1/2hrs, took Melatonin last night to help get my sleep cycle back in order
Sleep Quality: 10/10, yay melatonin haha

Todays Nutrition!http://www.fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=ia-klarko A little more added, last time I just had the basics of what I ate lol

Workout (Two Minute Rests)
Squat: 245x5; 255x5; 285x5 (Below Parallel)
PullThroughs: 120x10; 140x10; 150x10
Kroc Row: 85x20; 85x20; 85x20 (Still need to work on grip strength...)
BehindHead LatPulldown: 120x10 (felt weird, stopped)
LatPulldown: 130x10; 140x10; 145x10
BB Curls w/ Chains: 55+40lbs Chainsx6; 45+40x8;55+40x8 (Bar=45lbs)
WristRoller: 15lbs; 15lbs; 15lbs
Seated LegCurl: 80x10; 90x10; 90x10
WeighedSitup: +10x10; +10x10; +15x10 (good burn with these)

Overview of Today: Hammys are lagging behind quads, Need to work on grip strength still for Kroc Rows/Deadlifts.

Tried to take some progress pictures on my phone camera, either it wouldnt focus, or my camera just sucks haha, Ill try on my sister digi tomorrow.

Todays Anthem
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f1cwycSWq0 //Embed isnt working :/

Workout 8/10, Could use some smith machines if I'm partnerless, would let me push myself harder lol

08-18-2009, 05:34 PM
So today I did another Leg workout because a former wrestling teammate (4x State qualifier, took 4th, 3rd, 2nd in state) Called me up to work out, How could i pass that up?! So todays workout was pretty damn intense to say the least, this guys a beast lol

He called me up about 5 minutes after I work up so i slamed a quick instant breakfast and headed off to the gym, hate working out on an empty stomach...

The Routine!
Squats!: 245x5; 275x5; 285x10 (PR, +13lbs)
{Leg Press 200x20; 200x20; 200x20
Leg Curl: 70x8; 70x8; 70x8 } SuperSet
1Leg Squat/Lunge: 45x8 (each leg); 40x8

5 minutes Static Stretching

Today overall was a very good day, even though I did legs 2 days in the row, ill probably regret it tomorrow ^^

08-20-2009, 06:41 PM
Went to get USB at walmart today, but ofcourse they didnt have it...No partner again today, even though he was supposed to show up, but w.e

Sleep: 12 Hours, Yeah im champ haha
Quality: 7/10, woke up a lot.
Motivation: 3/10, worst workout in awhile
Diet: 5/10, didnt eat a lot, first time using a nanovapor sample, didnt help at all, course that could of been my fault...

Todays Routine:

195x6(almost at failure on the last set, ****ty day on bench)

Incline Bench:
145x6 (pretty terrible...)

Military Press:
105x8 (cant seem to figure out the optimal grip...)

SuperSet#1: SkullCrusher+ Standing EZ-Bar Curl:

Superset#2: Seated Overhead DB Ext+ Ez-Bar Preacher CableCurl:

Superset#3: V-Bar Pressdown+ 1 Arm-CableCurl+:
100+55x10 (Pressdowns where to easy...)
__________________________________________________ ________________________
Got a good sweat going towards the end, but the workout still sucked... Hopefully ill have a partner for my next lifting session... Now im off to eat steak ^^

Been a long time, but i got some in, they are fairly ****ty so i need someone else to take them for me, ill try to get a chest/abs/better back shot tomorrow.

Back: http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/6388/backsng.jpg

Tris: http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/7783/trid.jpg

TerribleBi's http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/1674/21047218.jpg

Quads http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/6663/quadsh.jpg

Comments welcome


08-25-2009, 06:25 PM
Two Days ago:
A lot better day today, still no partner/spotter, but thats okay since i dont really need one except for One set...

Routine Length: 1hr, stretching included
Rest Time Between sets: 2 Minutes
Sleep: 10hrs
Diet: 8, ezekiel organic breakfast, chickenbreast sandwich+Chickenbreast salad lunch

Military Press:
105x18 (First 10 fairly strict, last 4 where more of push press')

B.W+30x10 (Really easy, not sure why)

B.W+10x10 (These Reallyyy sucked today, to wide for me lol)

Overall Todays workout was good, but there was an older guy in the gym that had country on the stereo, that didnt help get me pumped up, it did the opposite xD... Today was also the first day I'm trying the TrueProtein TeamSkip Blend + T.P. Waxy maize. Looking forward to using this.

08-25-2009, 06:25 PM
Partner today puss'd out, but whatever I'm starting to get used to it.

Routine Length: 1hr, stretching included
Rest Time Between sets: 2 Minutes/90second secondary lifts
Sleep: 8hrs
Diet: 6

260x14 (Pretty damn good, half repped a couple, but most where perfect form, +27lbPR)

StiffLegDeadlift: (first time in a long time)

Seated calfRaises:
90x8 (2second pauses at bottom/top)

Standing CalfRaises:
200x15(2second pauses at bottom/top)

Today's Anthem

Overall todays workout was pretty Killer, and my legs are feeling pretty shitty right now, so I hope using Xtend pays off and I have a speedy recovery ^^

08-25-2009, 07:00 PM
u should powerlift. a 405 squat at 160 is alot

08-27-2009, 07:42 PM
Eh maybe after my wrestling season, but I'm assuming ill lose a decent amount of wrestling mass again after the seasons over...
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Routine Length: 1hr 20 Minutes, stretching included
Sleep: 7hrs, set alarm at 10:30 to get up earlier, i have school next week :/
Diet: 3, didnt eat much today...

Oh **** am I pumped! I just found out I got a nice PR on bench which is awesome because last time i benched it was TERRIBLE to say the least... Some huge guys that go to my gym where down there today and spotted (well was there, didn't really spot lol) on my BenchPR, no partner besides but w.e im used to it lol

Bench Warmup: (DB flies between sets, also new grip this time, Pointer finger on Ring)

175x13 (PR! up 13lbs)
85x10 (60 Second rests)

Dips: (Back to 2min Rests)
B.W+20x9 (Way harder then usual, not sure why...)


SuperSet#1: Standing EZ-Bar Curl+SkullCrusher:

Superset#2: V-Bar Preacher CableCurl+Seated Overhead DB Ext:

Superset#3: 1 Arm-CableCurl+V-Bar Pressdown:
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Okay today was GREAAAAAAAAAT (Little bit of Tony the Tiger there) and It went by faster then I thought, Arms where still pumped after 30 minutes but are fine now ^^

Mighty Dogg
09-21-2010, 09:51 PM
Do you by any chance know what your vertical jump is? Squats and vertical jump don't exactly go hand in hand, but they do help. Some mofo's have 600 pound squats at around 200-220 bodyweight and they FLY up, was wondering if you were one of them lol. 405 squat at a bw of 160 would sure fit that category.

09-21-2010, 10:05 PM
yea a 405 squat+ at 160 is incredible especially for the age. Can't believe you are 6' tall and under 160 too, even more ridiculous.