View Full Version : MUST-READS for all you Iron Addicts

  1. How to train yourself
  2. Overtraining
  3. Weight Progression
  4. What Works for Some
  5. The Truth
  6. Realistic expectations about muscle growth
  7. Bodybuilding Drugs (do you need them?)
  8. Powerlifting Basics--A Conventional Program by Sand Blaster
  9. The Periodization Bible
  10. The 411 on GPP by Dave Tate
  11. Introducing the Box Squat
  12. My Four Westside Barbell Variations
  13. Step By Step Squatting
  14. Timed Carb Dieting
  15. More timed carb diet options
  16. Silverback on Bench Training
  17. Warm-ups
  18. Building Your Foundation, A long-term training plan
  19. Hardgainer, or just out of shape?
  20. HIT/Volume
  21. Squats and Arm/Shoulder Pain by SB
  22. Hardgainer Training Manual Updated PT 1
  23. My Top 10 Lifting Routines
  24. whey/casein
  25. This Should Be A Sticky
  26. Everyone should go get this.
  27. Getting Stronger
  28. adjusting training for hypo vs hyper caloric diet
  29. How to cure shoulder problems (Trust me this will do it 90% of the time)
  30. The reverse hyper in England
  31. Box Squats in Squat Warmups
  32. Re: more wisdom from DC . . . .
  33. Ten Things I Learned from a Strength Coach
  34. Bar weight
  35. Cleaning up your squat form (back squats and box squats)
  36. Deadlift 101
  37. Self Myofascial Release Techniques (Free E-Book)
  38. Must Read(s) for all you Ironaddicts
  39. training more days for recovery!
  40. Another sleep related question
  41. Training Books
  42. Inside the Muscles: Best Back and Bicep Exercises
  43. Overtraining to gain
  44. Help Out a friend and his board
  45. Mobility workout of the day
  46. The Lost Art of Spotting by SB
  47. Very Personal Stories - Inspiration, Motiviation, and Being a Man
  48. TNation on Neck Training
  49. Don't Repeat My Mistakes Son
  50. Notions of Progress
  51. Blood Work
  52. Understanding the Thyroid
  53. Well worth the read